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The Netherlands


The Netherlands

Since september 2014 when FITCE agreed the new regulations concerning membership the situation in the Netherlands changed as follows.

We had within the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) section Telecommunications a sub-section Fitce Netherlands. With about 70 members. Per september 2014 we have abandoned this sub-section. Per the same date all members of KIVI-Telecommunications have become effective members of FITCE, about 700 members.

The board of KIVI-Telecommunications, of which ir. Jos Gerrese is the Fitce representative, decided to give the new Fitce a trial period of 2 years, of which one year has passed.

The activities of KIVI-Telecommunications are mainly the organisation of lectures and excursions, which are usually during evenings. Since the presentations/lectures are mostly given in the Dutch language this may only be of interrest for Belgium collegues. These activities take place at least once a month.

We will start a campaign to further promote FITCE under our members so that they can enjoy the benefits of FITCE like congresses, paper presentations; information on Brussels EU activities etc.