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FITCE Upcoming Events

Fitce Belgium Calendar 2016.

  • Webinar “Trends in Telecom” 2016-02-24 more info
  • Digital Transformation of (mgf) Industry – Industry 4.0 2016-02-22 more info
  • Young ICT Personality 2016 2016-03-25 more info

FITCE Italy Calendar 2014.

  • Rome, February 19th “Meeting with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions”
  • Rome, March 13th “Electronic payment systems: state of the art and future perspectives”
  • Rome, April “Internet and right to oblivion”
  • Naples, May 12th – 14th “Photonics 2014” Rome, June “Communication infrastructure for the Country System”
  • Milan, June 3rd “Protection of innovation in the ICT field”
  • Athens, June 20th “3rd Joint Workshop FITCE Greece – Italy – Spain”
  • Trieste, September 18th – 19th “106th AEIT Annual Conference From research to the Company: the need for a more effective transfer”
  • Milan, September 25th “ICT to support the management of natural hazards: the cooperation between the geosciences and ICT” Rome, October 16th “Maritime traffic control”
  • Naples, November 12th – 14th “Euro Med Telco Conference 2014 / 53rd FITCE International Congress.From network infrastructure to network fabric: revolution at the edges “

FITCE Poland Calendar 2014.

  • Smart Cities Congress: Lublin, Krakow, Gydnia June-July 2014
  • IEIEC Information and Communication Technology Forum: Poznań from 28 to 30th of May 2014
  • Polish Network Operator’s Group, PLNOG13 Congress: Kraków, 29-30th September 2014

FITCE Event Reports

Fitce Greece.

Workshop, 11th May 2015

“The Contribution of ICT to the Environment, the Energy Saving in Manufacturing and in Public Administration”

Great success at the workshop organized by the Hellenic Branch of FITCE in cooperation with the Hellenic Association of Qualified Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (PSDMH) and the Hellenic Physical Society (EEF)in the Hall of Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), on Monday 11th May 2015. Greetings addressed by Costas Sidiropoulos, President of the Hellenic Branch of FITCE, Theodoros Papadopoulos, President of PSDMH and Panagiotis Fildisis and Stefanos Tsitomeneas Vice-Presidents of EEF.

Speakers that were from the world of Academia and Education but also big Business Executives have developed issues from all ICT areas.