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FITCE is a Federation of National Associations in each of the member countries. Membership is open to all European countries.

The FITCE is directed and managed by an executive committee Comite de Direction (CD) comprising the President of the Federation, one member from each of the national associations and the Secretary-General. Each National Association is entitled to nominate a CD Member and a Deputy CD Member to attend the CD. There are 3 to 4 CD Meetings every year.

One of the main tasks of the CD Meeting is to organise an Annual Congress.

The General Assembly is made up of the body of full members, represented by their delegates. The General Assembly meets during each annual Congress.

FITCE also has a Board of Officers as the permanent executive agency of the Federation. The Board of Officers is responsible for the day to day workings of FITCE and reports to the executive committee. The Board of Officers is made up of the President of the Federation, one Vice-President ( or more), the Secretary-General, the Treasurer and the Managing Editor of the FITCE Forum.


FITCE was founded in 1962 in Brussels, Belgium(Royal Decree of 4th April 1962, published in the Belgian Official Journal, Vol. 89. of13th April 1962) by telecommunications engineers from France and Belgium and extended to the six countries of the then European Community. Now it has membership from most European Union countries.