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AICT (Italian FITCE Branch) Elections

On 18 July 2017 the results of the electronic vote for the renewal of the Society Board were announced.
In particular, Andrea Penza was re-elected...

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54th FITCE congress in Wroclaw

The 54th FITCE (Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community) Congress provides the international forum for the exchange of...

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FITCE published a 6-monthly electronic magazine that is called FITCE FORUM. It contained up-to-date information about FITCE and its national member associations, extracts and reports from previous activities like the congress and other events all over Europe.

This news section is the web version of FITCE FORUM. As from the second half of 2017, news items are posted here first and will be compiled from time to time in a newsletter.

For news that is older than 2017, please refer to PDF archive of  FITCE FORUM.

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