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2th Technology Forum, 15/12/2018, Mediterranean Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki


FITCE conference on its second edition in Mediterranean Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki on the 13th of December 2018. Tech conversation and intensive networking in this annual technology event. The conference is going to attract major representatives from the ICT, Research Institutes & Universities, as well as Industry Vendors ecosystem, providing all participants with a comprehensive vision of emerging trends towards the upcoming technologies in ubiquitous networking and beyond.

The Conference is going to highlight updates and findings in crucial topics related to ubiquitous networking. This event intends to bring top telecommunication experts and researchers together, and along with engineers, present and discuss their recent progress in all major areas of ubiquitous networking. The conference program is going to host special talks held by distinguished keynote speakers and highly reputed professionals in technology innovation.

Join in the annual technology conference