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5th Technology Forum

The Hellenic Branch of FITCE (FITCE Hellas) organizes on December 17, 2021 at the OTEAcademy building in Maroussi the 5th Technology Forum with the...

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61st FITCE International Congress first announcement

AICT (Italian FITCE branch) provide the first announcement of the next FITCE International Congress.

It will be held in Rome September 29th - 30th...

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Fiber for be

What is happening in the Belgian market and what are successful use cases? What is going to happen in the coming years in terms of fiber deployment?

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The ITP has a new web site

The ITP has re-engineered its website to provide an improved service to its members

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AICT (Italian Fitce branch) elections

Prof. Giovanni Cancellieri has been elected as new AICT (Italian Fitce branch) President.

Giovanni Cancellieri is full professor of...

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4rd FITCE Technology Forum, ‘‘Technologies and services as we move to the advancement of mobile and fiber communications’’ OTEAcademy, Athens


The Hellenic Branch of the Fédération des Ingénieurs des Télécommunications de la Communauté Européenne (FITCE), organizes the 4th FITCE Technology...

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Virtual General Assembly (CoViD)

Dr. Martin STIERLE has been elected as new President of FITCE Austria

Head of Competence Unit "Security and Communication Technologies" at AIT...

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3rd Technology Forum, “Innovative Services and Technologies in the ICT sector”, Thessaloniki.


The Hellenic Branch of FITCE organizes the 3rd Technology Forum on December 12, 2019, at the conference hall of the Mediterranean Palace Hotel in...

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Workshop, "Technologies and Infrastructures for optimizing the performance of networks in the ICT sector", Patra


The Hellenic Branch of FITCE organizes on Friday, May 17, 2019, World Telecommunications Day, a Conference entitled: "Technologies and...

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FITCE published a 6-monthly electronic magazine that is called FITCE FORUM. It contained up-to-date information about FITCE and its national member associations, extracts and reports from previous activities like the congress and other events all over Europe.

This news section is the web version of FITCE FORUM. As from the second half of 2017, news items are posted here first and will be compiled from time to time in a newsletter.

For news that is older than 2017, please refer to PDF archive of  FITCE FORUM.

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