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On this page you find an overview of the most important events that are organised by the member associations of FITCE all over Europe. Every item contains a hyperlink to a page that contains more detailed information

Upcoming events

DateTitleOrganised by
2021-09-29 Celebration 60th Anniversary FITCE EU Austria

Past events

DateTitleOrganised by
2020-11-26 Virtual ICT Circle “IoT Security in Industrie 4.0 and Automotive Driving” (in German Language) Austria
2020-11-18 AEIT Automotive 2020 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive -1st Virtual Edition Italy
2020-10-31 Social Event: German guided tour at the "Weltmuseum" - Exhibition "Azteken" Austria
2020-10-21 5G for Belgium Belgium
2020-10-14 5G for Belgium Belgium
2020-09-23 AEIT International Annual Conference - 1st Virtual Edition Italy
2019-12-12 3rd FITCE Technology Forum ''Technological Trends in the ICT field'' Greece
2019-10-16 ITP Insight Event: Bletchley Park visit United Kingdom
2019-10-12 Social Event: German guided tour at the "Albertina Museum" - Exhibition "Albrecht Dürer" Austria
2019-10-07 Symposium “The future of driving” (in German Language) Austria
2019-09-18 AEIT 2019 International Annual Conference, Florence Italy
2019-08-24 Social Young Family Event Austria
2019-07-02 AUTOMOTIVE 2019 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive - Turin Italy
2019-05-18 18 MAY 2019 Campus of Patra’s University, Greece Greece
2019-04-12 State and perspective of ICT Engineering in Italy and Spain - Rome Italy
2019-02-19 Future Panel #6 - Autonomous Driving (in German Language) Austria
2019-02-13 Total Telecom Event: Submarine Networks EMEA United Kingdom
2019-02-09 Social Event: German guided Visit "Unteres Belvedere" - Egon Schiele Austria
2019-01-30 ITP Insight Event: BT Archives visit United Kingdom
2018-12-22 ITP Family Christmas Event (Glasgow) United Kingdom
2018-12-12 ComTech for Autonomous Driving Belgium
2018-11-27 Young ICT Personality award Belgium
2018-10-17 5G Revolution Belgium
2018-10-11 From the High Performance Computing to the Exascale - Milano Italy
2018-10-05 Symposium: Autonomous Driving: What works today already? (in German Language) Austria
2018-10-03 2018 AEIT INTERNATIONAL Annual Conference - Bari Italy
2018-09-12 National Telecommunication & Teleinformatics Symposium (Bydgoszcz) Poland
2018-09-05 FITCE Congress UK 2018 United Kingdom
2018-08-25 Social Family Event: German Guided Visit to "Say it with flowers!" (Unteres Belvedere) Austria
2018-08-14 ITP Insight Event: Guided tour of the "Information Age" Gallery United Kingdom
2018-08-09 Social Networking Event with colleagues and their partners: German guided evening tour to famous paintings of "Old Masters from the Hermitage, St. Petersburg", to be seen currently in the KHM, Vienna Austria
2018-07-09 AUTOMOTIVE 2018 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive - Milano Italy
2018-06-21 Excursion to Testing Infrastructure in Graz "Autonomous Driving" Austria
2018-06-20 National Radiocommunication, Radiophony & Television Conference (Gdansk) Poland
2018-06-19 ITP Insight Event: Britain Connected Conference (London) United Kingdom
2018-06-14 ITP Insight Event: Blandford Museum visit United Kingdom
2018-06-13 Artificial Intelligence Seminar Belgium
2018-05-23 FOTONICA 2018 - Italian conference of photonic technologies - Lecce Italy
2018-05-21 ITP Insight Event: BT Tower visit United Kingdom
2018-05-17 ITP Insight Event: Adastral Park Innovation Centre United Kingdom
2018-05-16 Smart Energy Seminar Belgium
2018-05-16 ITP Seminar - 5G – More than yet another generation of mobile? United Kingdom
2018-04-12 BT Archives visit United Kingdom
2018-03-30 Fiber to the home (Webinar) Belgium
2018-03-21 Drones - when will they start invading the sky? (2) Belgium
2018-03-18 2018-03-18 Cutting Edge Technologies towards mobile 5G and optical FTTH Greece
2018-03-14 ITP Insight Event: Cisco Experience United Kingdom
2018-03-06 Drones - when will they start invading the sky? (1) Belgium
2018-02-28 Workshop: Autonomous Driving Austria
2018-02-21 Submarine Networks Conference (London) United Kingdom
2018-02-17 Social Event: Visit "Unteres Belvedere" - Challenge Modern Times (copy 1) Austria
2018-02-06 Radiofrecuncy and Health Spain
2018-02-02 ITP Seminar - The Future of Business Services United Kingdom
2018-01-30 "To Gigabit Society: Lights and Shadows" and “The smart tendency of the cities in Spain" Spain
2018-01-30 Smart listening - indoor acoustic sensor networks Belgium
2018-01-13 Social Event: Visit new "World Museum" Austria
2017-12-16 ITP Family Christmas Event (Glasgow) United Kingdom
2017-12-14 Visit to the BT archives United Kingdom
2017-11-27 The 5G revolution Belgium
2017-11-15 ITP Insight Event: O2's UK Network Management Centre United Kingdom
2017-09-27 Seminar Fiber to the Home - status update for Belgium Belgium
2017-06-22 CLEEN 2017 - Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks - Torino Italy
2017-06-15 AUTOMOTIVE 2017 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive - Torino Italy

Keep in mind

If you are a member of a FITCE member association, you are entitled to participate in any of these events against member tarif