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On this page you find an overview of the most important events that are organised by the member associations of FITCE all over Europe. Every item contains a hyperlink to a page that contains more detailed information

Upcoming events

No events planned at the moment. Check the events page for finding out what is taking place all over Europe.

Past events

DateTitleOrganised by
2020-11-26 Virtual ICT Circle “IoT Security in Industrie 4.0 and Automotive Driving” (in German Language) Austria
2020-11-18 AEIT Automotive 2020 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive -1st Virtual Edition Italy
2020-10-31 Social Event: German guided tour at the "Weltmuseum" - Exhibition "Azteken" Austria
2020-10-21 5G for Belgium Belgium
2020-10-14 5G for Belgium Belgium
2020-09-23 AEIT International Annual Conference - 1st Virtual Edition Italy
2019-12-12 3rd FITCE Technology Forum ''Technological Trends in the ICT field'' Greece
2019-10-16 ITP Insight Event: Bletchley Park visit United Kingdom
2019-10-12 Social Event: German guided tour at the "Albertina Museum" - Exhibition "Albrecht Dürer" Austria
2019-10-07 Symposium “The future of driving” (in German Language) Austria
2019-09-18 AEIT 2019 International Annual Conference, Florence Italy
2019-08-24 Social Young Family Event Austria
2019-07-02 AUTOMOTIVE 2019 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive - Turin Italy
2019-05-18 18 MAY 2019 Campus of Patra’s University, Greece Greece
2019-04-12 State and perspective of ICT Engineering in Italy and Spain - Rome Italy
2019-02-19 Future Panel #6 - Autonomous Driving (in German Language) Austria
2019-02-13 Total Telecom Event: Submarine Networks EMEA United Kingdom
2019-02-09 Social Event: German guided Visit "Unteres Belvedere" - Egon Schiele Austria
2019-01-30 ITP Insight Event: BT Archives visit United Kingdom
2018-12-22 ITP Family Christmas Event (Glasgow) United Kingdom
2018-12-12 ComTech for Autonomous Driving Belgium
2018-11-27 Young ICT Personality award Belgium
2018-10-17 5G Revolution Belgium
2018-10-11 From the High Performance Computing to the Exascale - Milano Italy
2018-10-05 Symposium: Autonomous Driving: What works today already? (in German Language) Austria
2018-10-03 2018 AEIT INTERNATIONAL Annual Conference - Bari Italy
2018-09-12 National Telecommunication & Teleinformatics Symposium (Bydgoszcz) Poland
2018-09-05 FITCE Congress UK 2018 United Kingdom
2018-08-25 Social Family Event: German Guided Visit to "Say it with flowers!" (Unteres Belvedere) Austria
2018-08-14 ITP Insight Event: Guided tour of the "Information Age" Gallery United Kingdom
2018-08-09 Social Networking Event with colleagues and their partners: German guided evening tour to famous paintings of "Old Masters from the Hermitage, St. Petersburg", to be seen currently in the KHM, Vienna Austria
2018-07-09 AUTOMOTIVE 2018 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive - Milano Italy
2018-06-21 Excursion to Testing Infrastructure in Graz "Autonomous Driving" Austria
2018-06-20 National Radiocommunication, Radiophony & Television Conference (Gdansk) Poland
2018-06-19 ITP Insight Event: Britain Connected Conference (London) United Kingdom
2018-06-14 ITP Insight Event: Blandford Museum visit United Kingdom
2018-06-13 Artificial Intelligence Seminar Belgium
2018-05-23 FOTONICA 2018 - Italian conference of photonic technologies - Lecce Italy
2018-05-21 ITP Insight Event: BT Tower visit United Kingdom
2018-05-17 ITP Insight Event: Adastral Park Innovation Centre United Kingdom
2018-05-16 Smart Energy Seminar Belgium
2018-05-16 ITP Seminar - 5G – More than yet another generation of mobile? United Kingdom
2018-04-12 BT Archives visit United Kingdom
2018-03-30 Fiber to the home (Webinar) Belgium
2018-03-21 Drones - when will they start invading the sky? (2) Belgium
2018-03-18 2018-03-18 Cutting Edge Technologies towards mobile 5G and optical FTTH Greece
2018-03-14 ITP Insight Event: Cisco Experience United Kingdom
2018-03-06 Drones - when will they start invading the sky? (1) Belgium
2018-02-28 Workshop: Autonomous Driving Austria
2018-02-21 Submarine Networks Conference (London) United Kingdom
2018-02-17 Social Event: Visit "Unteres Belvedere" - Challenge Modern Times (copy 1) Austria
2018-02-06 Radiofrecuncy and Health Spain
2018-02-02 ITP Seminar - The Future of Business Services United Kingdom
2018-01-30 "To Gigabit Society: Lights and Shadows" and “The smart tendency of the cities in Spain" Spain
2018-01-30 Smart listening - indoor acoustic sensor networks Belgium
2018-01-13 Social Event: Visit new "World Museum" Austria
2017-12-16 ITP Family Christmas Event (Glasgow) United Kingdom
2017-12-14 Visit to the BT archives United Kingdom
2017-11-27 The 5G revolution Belgium
2017-11-15 ITP Insight Event: O2's UK Network Management Centre United Kingdom
2017-09-27 Seminar Fiber to the Home - status update for Belgium Belgium
2017-06-22 CLEEN 2017 - Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks - Torino Italy
2017-06-15 AUTOMOTIVE 2017 - International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive - Torino Italy

Keep in mind

If you are a member of a FITCE member association, you are entitled to participate in any of these events against member tarif