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Belgium is a forum for digital professionals to exchange views and acquire insight in new developments and challenges related to technical, regulatory, societal and economical aspects of ICT & Media technologies and services. organises every year about 6 seminars and some webinars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics (e.g. FttH, 5G, smart listening, drones, smart energy, artificial intelligence, ...). Every second year, a young ICT personality contest takes place.

The Belgian National Association consists of the organisation and has been functioning since 1950. It has over 100 active members.

More details can be found on the Belgian website at

Upcoming events in Belgium

Sustainable Networks Myth or Opportunity? (Belgium)
5G for be (Belgium)


News from Belgium

Fiber for be

What is happening in the Belgian market and what are successful use cases? What is going to happen in the coming years in terms of fiber deployment?

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Looking across the border event

A lot is happening in the Belgian Fiber world. Rollouts are picking up pace fast, and ambitious plans are being announced. 

In preparation of the...

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5G for be

5G for be

This main symposium of 2020 will give a state of affairs on 5G. What is happening in the rest of the world and what are successful use...

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